Mountain Flying

Had a chance to go for a couple of flights since got back from Mexico. We had unusually hot days in our region, and that created many forrest fires in our area, covering our city and the surroundings completely with smoke. I attempted to try to fly to one of the major fires by Pemperton to take some shots from the sky. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get close to it since the smoke got too dense and I had to turn around.

The second flight I did a week later when the smoke had cleared up. Took a couple friends for a ride and was able to take some nice pictures of the mountains and the nature we have in British Columbia. Enjoy!

Smoke in the Sky

Smoke in the Sky

Evening Flight

One of the perks of flying is being able to see a whole new perspective of the environment you’re in…

Flight Check

It has been over 4 months since the engine failure incident, and haven’t flown since. I have been asked by my aviation club to do a check flight with an instructor before resuming my flying. That is to make sure that I’m in good condition to fly and don’t begin to panic when airborne. Last evening I finally got my check flight done with, and can now resume flying!

Now that summer is around the corner, I’m excited to plan many different areas to explore around this beautiful place where I live!

2015-02-24 17.08.50

Too Cold to Fly?


Ever since my last flight when I had an engine failure on take off and had to make an emergency landing two months ago, I haven’t flown ever since. The aero club that I belong to wants me to fly with an instructor once before I resume my regular flying. So to start the year fresh, I though it’d be a good idea to take the plane out first thing as the sun comes up.

I have made arrangements with my instructor to meet at the airport at 8 am. As we got to the aircraft, it was completely covered with frost, making it unsafe to fly. I have never used de-icing equipment, so it was a good lesson for me to de-ice the aircraft.

After 45 minutes of spraying the wings and control areas, we were ready to go. As soon as we started the propeller, and the air started to flow, it froze the windshield and the frost started to build again! We had to call off the flight since the product that the aeroclub had wasn’t sufficient to keep the frost off the aircraft.

Either way, even tho we didn’t get to fly, it was a good learning experience.

My instructor applying de-icing to the critical areas

My instructor applying de-icing to the critical areas

Frost on windshield after the propeller started to spin

Frost on windshield after the propeller started to spin

Emergency Landing after Engine Failure on Take Off

Here’s a video from my go-pro of my emergency landing after the engine failed on take off. Read full article here.

I’m also very surprised how fast this video traveled without any sharing or advertising on my part. Here’s a couple popular sites that I noticed where this video has been featured: Right this Minute and Daily Mail.

Still to this moment I’m in disbelieve that this happened to me, and glad that my friends and I walked away from it.

Near Death Experience – Surviving an Engine Failure on Take-Off

Last night, I have decided to have an evening local flight, a couple friends came along. During the time when the sun was setting down, we were on the runway, engine fully on, accelerating until the airplane had enough speed to take off. Wheels off the ground now, I was staying in ground effect (low to the ground) to build some speed before climbing to altitude. As I was coming close to the end of the runway, I noticed a drop in RPM, and the engine started to go haywire. At that moment, I was in a very vulnerable position: I was low to the ground, and there was a river in front of me (where I didn’t want to land). So the only option I had was to do an unsafe turn close to the ground towards the grass and put the plane down there. Everything happened so quickly. Luckily I had just enough time to do that, and I landed in the muddy grass, and luckily I flared enough that the airplane didn’t flip upside down. No one was hurt, and the airplane seems to be in one shape (inspection is happening now).

Now there’s tons of thoughts going thru my mind at the moment, lots of ‘What ifs.’ I am very thankful that I was able to land the airplane in that circumstance, and that no one was killed or injured. I don’t know what I would of have done if a friend would of died, or be seriously injured. It makes me not feel so good thinking about it.

At the same time, it reminds me that anything in life can happen unexpectedly. So while everything is going fine, enjoy it to the fullest! Make every moment count! And stop with the excuses that stops you to really enjoy life! Life is a gift, and it won’t last forever!

I did have a gopro recording this incident that I hope turned out well, I will upload it in the next few days along with a  full story of what happened.

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