The Last Weekend of Summer – Day 2 – Sunday Sept 21, 2014

I woke up on Sunday morning a little more rested than the day before, still not wanting to get out of bed. I jumped in the car and headed to the airport where I met the rest of my friends. We all had breakfast at the airport café, I did a quick flight plan, after which we all hopped on the plane and took off heading towards Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.

Most of the time I avoid flying through the control zones, because I don’t really like having to do additional radio work (I’m not very good at it). But this time I decided that I could use the practice on the radio, plus it’s a more direct route to flythrough the control zone. So I requested to fly through Vancouver Terminal Airspace at 5,500 feet, which is a safe altitude to fly across the water from Vancouver to Vancouver Island. The view was spectacular!

flight path to Nanaimo flying over to Nanaimo

Once I got over to Nanaimo, I decided to fly around and do some sightseeing, since it was one of the areas that I hadn’t been flying much to. We flew by some of the little islands East of Nanaimo where we were planning on taking the kayaks later that day. Once done sightseeing, I contacted the tower at Nanaimo airport and notified him of my intentions to land. I’m not too familiar with that area and I had a little trouble finding the airport when he asked if I had the airport in sight by the tower. That was slightly embarassing at first, but I managed to find the airport and land safely.

Nanaimo Nanaimo1 Nanaimo2

I parked the airplane on one of the stalls at the flying club, and met a few other pilots who assisted me in finding a spot for the day. Next we walked into the terminal to grab lunch for the day. They only had pre-made sandwiches that didn’t look very apetizing, but we had no other option. We jumped in the cab and headed to the kayak rentals.


We met the rental guy at the boat ramp, he was very helpful and showed us great places to go and explore. I helped him take the kayaks to the water, my friends and I got on and took off kayaking. We couldn’t ask for a better day to do this, the weather was perfect: it was sunny, not too hot, not too cold, there was no wind at all and the sea was calm… It was just perfect! We kayaked to the first little Island (Round Island) where we noticed a family of seals who were watching us approach. As we got closer though, they all just jumped in the water and swam away, which was a shame. Wasn’t able to go and pat them! Lol

After Round Island, we paddled our way to Link Island. On our way there, we stoped to have a quick snack to eat, and I gotta say, I really dislike pre-made sandwiches, but that sandwich was good! At that time, my buddy Reza said: “I wish we had brought beer with us!” To wich we all agreed… So we decided that we had to get  beer from the passing boats. We right away noticed a fishing boat in the vicinity that was slowly coming our way. So we started to paddle towards it, shouting that we want to buy some beer from him! It was an elderly man with a dog on board, he kinda chuckled at our request, and gave my buddies a beer each.

beer hunt

We continued our way towards Link Island and arrived at the its cliffside. We found a really cool spot where we got out of our kayaks and ate more food.

cool spot

With our bellies now full, we continued kayaking to the south end of the island where we found another cool spot to chill. There was also a very small cliff that we dived from a few times.

spot2 dive bstance

Afterwards we circled the island and made our way back, stoping at Round Island again to lay on the rock and chill, it sure felt nice to relax! I also tried to come as close as possible to the seals without scarying them away.

Kayaking Path kayak relaxing seal

As it was slowly coming closer to sunset, it was getting colder outside, and we were getting close to the end of our kayaking adventure… I suddenly got a hit by a wild idea (which turned out to be not so funny afterwards lol). I thought: “Hmmm it would be funny if I tip over the kayak.” So without any warning whatsoever I just tipped it over! My friend who was on the other end of the kayak wasn’t impressed in the slightest. She also happened to lose her sunglasses when I tipped her over, which sucked. We flipped the kayak back the right way up, and I was the only one who was able to climb back in, she had to stay in the water and I pulled her all the way back to shore. She was cold and totally unimpressed… I think I can be a little too mean sometimes :/ lol

being mean

We got back to the airplane, and took off right when the sun was setting. It was a beautiful to see the sunset from above!

selfie flight sunset flight Sunset vancouver

This weekend was definetely a great way to end summer. It was perhaps one of the best summers I’ve had so far!

I am now excited for wintertime, and looking forward to all the upcoming winter activities J


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