The Last Weekend of Summer – Day 1 – Saturday Sept 20, 2014

Summer has ended… As I’m writing this, the rain is pouring outside my window. But luckily, we had two gorgeous days over the weekend before the weather turned ugly. To end the summer on a good note, I decided to do two day-trips on the airplane: Saturday fly to Osoyoos, and Sunday to Nanaimo.

Saturday morning I woke up not very well rested as I hadn’t been able to sleep, needless to say I didn’t wake up as early as I had planned lol. But as I got to the airport, the excitement woke me up completely. I had never flown to Osoyoos before and flying to new places always makes me so happy! Also I had a nervous passenger next to me, Carrie, who was fun to tease. After a morning coffee at the airport café, I finished my quick flight planning, we jumped on the plane and took off.


The flight to Osoyoos from Vancouver on the little Cessna takes roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes. The flight is very spectacular, my eyes were hooked on the view, flying over the valley through the mountains. After arriving at a place one has never visited before, it can be tricky sometimes to find where the airport is, but the airport in Osoyoos was very easy to spot from the air. I took some time to observe what the winds were doing and joined the correct circuit for landing. The winds were really powerful, gusts blowing in a slightly crosswind pattern, they gave me a good sweat while landing on the tiny landing strip. There’s really not much to Osoyoos airport, it consists of a very small landing strip, and a couple of gravel roads I found to park my plane. There were no other people around, no other aircrafts at all. After securing the plane, we got our folding bikes, and headed straight down to the city!


Osoyoos is a very small town, great place to get away in the summer time for a relaxing weekend on the lake. We rode through the town center on our bikes to find a spot to eat (one of my favorite things to do J). After a great lunch our appetites were very satisfied, and we noticed the Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) rental not so far away.


The SUP rental shop is an interesting little shack on the main road that runs in front of the beach. The service was really good, and the girl who greeted us was very impressed that we had flown there on a Cessna to go paddle boarding for the day. She even gave us a ride back to the airport to see the airplane and watch us take off. We accepted the ride gratefully because most of the way back was uphill! Would have been tough to go up by bike! As for the SUP-ing, it was very relaxing and nothing too crazy.


The flight back was a little strenuous because we were flying facing right into the sun. When I was finally landing, the sun was right in my face and I could barely see the runway, had to rely heavily on my peripheral vision to land smoothly.

Overall it was an awesome day! Really enjoyed making this trip with great company!


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