Long Term Goals

This is still a draft copy, feel free to give me any suggestions 🙂

– Scuba Diving:

– Become a Dive Master followed by being an Instructor

– Start Cave Diving

– Ice Diving

– Dive all the best locations around the world:

– Motorcycle:

– Ride / Race all the best tracks around the world:

– Surfing:

– Surf all the best locations around the world:

– Windsurfing:

– Progress my skills to Advanced

– Windsurf in the waves

– Windsurf all the best locations around the world:

– Skydiving:

– Skydive Hot Air Balloon

– Start Wingsuit Flying

– Skydive during different Events (like into a stadium)

– Base Jumping:

– Take the Base Jump Course

– Base Jump Angel Falls in Venezuela

– Base Jump Cave of Swallows in Mexico

– Base Jump Zakynthos in Greece

– Base Jump from Building

– Airplane:

– Fly all the way down South America

– Fly around Europe

– Get IFR, Float & Multi Engine Rating

– Learn Acrobatics

– Snowboarding:

– Get to Expert Level Riding

– Become an Instructor

– Start Back Country Snowboarding

– Snowboard all the best locations around the world:

– Rock Climbing:

– Become a good climber

– Climb the best spots around the world:

– Fitness:

– Achieve Goals described in my fitness blog

– Advance Dancing Skills

– Advance Martial Arts Skills

– Breath Hold 5 mins and Over under water

– Things to Learn:

– Get a Helicopter Licence

– Snowmobiling

– White Water Kayaking

– Hang Gliding


20 thoughts on “Long Term Goals

  1. Very cool blog, Edgar. I know I’m reading a good article when I start thinking seriously about skipping the rest of the work week and heading north to climb something I haven’t done before.

    Two suggestions for additions to your list. I’m a PADI certified diver, so if you make it to Minneapolis, MN, you’ll have a place to crash and we can go dive a shipwreck in Lake Superior. It’s cold as shit but worth it. Second, I’m an ice/alpine climbing fanatic, and you seem like the kind of guy who would jump all over an adventure like that. Same thing applies, if you get to MN, I’ll take ya.


  2. Wow. Mine? I wouldn’t even know where to start in regards to answering that questions. It’s like that question when people ask you where you want to travel? I have become used to saying “Everywhere is on my list”. There are so many places,I want to go, people I want to see, places I want to discover before anyone else, and experiences I need to share.

    I actually wrote a post on my own Blog, check it out. It’s titled #LoveandTravelHugs, which is my #Twitter hashtag. People kept asking what it was about so, I decided what better way to explain it than to put it into a Blog. Thus, created the post! And I got to basically explain why I am who I am and why I do what I do and why I dream like I dream.

    I love your list because many would say, “well that’s a bit over zealous” but to me, I’m already wondering where and when I can tick some of them off for myself and what I could possibly do next after I have done some of those? Lol

    Thus the reason we are the beings of Travel, Love and Wanderlust 🙂

    I inspire you to keep dreaming, and keep living, for the day “we” stop is the day we die.


    • Inspiring post!
      And it’s true, when someone asks me “where would I like to go? what’s your dream destination?” or anything of that sort, I don’t really have an answer for them. There’s just too much I can come up with that I would eventually like to experience!
      And I’m sure you have experienced that everytime you would travel or do what you wanted to do, your imagination would only grow of all the other possibilities where you could travel to next… it’s a never ending story, and a fun one too 🙂

  3. The only thing I would add to your adventures is travel on all seven continents. Antarctica is spectacular! There are lots of other countries including our America that are amazing. You have your adventures in all of them!

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