Monmouth Canyoneering, Broken Ankle, and Being Searched and Rescued

The day has started off really well, we got to Squamish early, got the gear ready, put on our wetsuits, and were ready to cross the river to reach Monmouth Canyon. The river crossing was fairly easy. We put all our bags into a cheap inflatable boat, and we swam beside it, letting the current of the river take us 1 km downstream where the trail to the top of the canyon began. The hike up was steep and fun! Definitely not a place one would want to be falling from!

Once we got to the top, we took a quick break to get organized, had a few bites to eat, and commenced our way down the canyon!

The Monmouth Canyon is a beautiful place! Most of spots like these are hidden from a normal day to day person, so it feels amazing to be able to go explore them! We rappelled many different waterfalls, some involved cliff jumping, some sliding and jumping. The water was freezing, so even with our wetsuits we were always trying to stay moving to keep warm.

The day was amazing, until on one of the rappels, I have slipped, hit the wall, and let go off my “break” which led me flying down 15 feet onto the rock bottom. Right away I felt something was wrong with my foot. I looked at it and it was dangling sideways. Right away I knew it was screwed, I thought maybe I have just dislocated it, and I tried to ‘pop’ it back together with no success. So now, the challenge was to get out. I didn’t want to waste much time, so I crawled out of the canyon, with help of my friends found a stick, and slowly was making my way down the mountain. Meanwhile my friend got a hold of search and rescue, once we found the most suitable spot for helicopter extraction (there wasn’t much), we called in our coordinates and waited for search & rescue to arrive.

It took over 2 hours for search & rescue to figure out how to extract me due to the difficult location. Meanwhile I was slowly going under a mild hyperthermia. I was contemplating just to make my way down myself while I was still somewhat able to before the sun went down. But before that happened we were notified that the search & rescue have found a spot to extract us and are sending help our way. When they have arrived and stabilised my foot, I felt all the energy came back to me and I felt super excited to get rescued! The helicopter ride was awesome! And perhaps was the only upside of having broken my ankle. I want to thank the search and rescue team for rescuing me, and also to my friends and team members that helped me get out of the canyon safely!

Out in the Squamish Hospital, they took good care of me quickly. They have had to reposition my foot before putting a temporary cast before I get my surgery, so they put me in a semi-conscious state that made me go on a super awesome mental trip! The next day I was moved to Surrey Memorial Hospital where I waited 4 days until my surgery, I didn’t enjoy the waiting part so much, I would have had to wait more but luckily I had a nurse friend that was able to pull a few strings to get me in a little quicker. Thanks for that!

Here’s a couple videos from that day. One has made the Right this Minute internet show, (my second time getting on that show lol). Here’s the link.

Bunzen Lake – Cliff Jumping and Geese Loving

After a long and awesome day of rock-climbing and windsurfing under the hot sunny day on Saturday, decided to take it easy on Sunday and go cliff jumping at Bunzen Lake. To get to the cliffs is about a 45minutes walk from the parking lot that also involves some scrambling thru the trees and bushes. It would have been much faster to swim across from the beach to the cliffs if we didn’t have all our stuff (food) to carry. Once there, it’s a really nice chill area on top of the cliffs, and it has many varying heights to jump from (some are very sketchy). The only downside is that this area is restricted, and police officers patrol this area from there motor boat. Luckily I had time to do a couple of jumps before we got kicked out from that place!

We then went to relax on the beach, and we were encountered with a flock of geese that wanted to share our food! Some of them got really close and personal! lol


Cliff Diving 🙂

Bunzen Goose

Oregon Mini Weekend Trip Getaway

Ever since last summer, I fell in love with windsurfing. And like any other love story, there is always “the place” where that magical thing happens. For me, it was in Hood River, Oregon, also known as The Gorge. The gorge is definitely one of my top destinations for windsurfing, not only for its good winds, but it is also a very beautiful place!


We have left our home town, Vancouver, around 7 pm on Friday evening. After a long drive we have finally arrived at our hostel around 2 am. The hostel that we stay at is right across the bridge from hood river, called Bingen School Inn. It is literally an old elementary school that has been transformed into a hostel. It still has the whole school look inside, I find it very nostalgic being there. Reminds me of the old times when I was still a little boy in elementary school. It’s a very cool place!


Early morning, we woke up, had breakfast and head over to the windsurf rental shop. I rent all my gear from Big Winds since they got really good quality gear. The day turned out to be not the greatest for me for windsurfing, since the wind conditions were very strong and choppy, making it hard for an Intermediate rider like myself to ride. But I still had some awesome moments!


Later that day, we got a few drinks and head over to a very little lake (20 minutes east from the Bingen town). The water there is warm and it has a nice 30 foot Rock to jump from. It was a perfect way to end the day!


The following day, we woke up early after a late night of being out in the bar, to head to the Oregon Coast for Surfing. The beach that we have went to is called Short Sand Beach, recommended by the Seaside Surf Shop. It was a very beautiful place! And so was the drive along the coast, some scenery were very beautiful! Unfortunately the waves were very small, but they were still fun to play around with on a Standup Paddle Board.


On our way back, we drove along the coast which was a very more interesting drive than along the main Highway. The trip has been very satisfying , the only downside was a lack of sleep and the speeding ticket that I got on the way back 😦 lol….