MSI Laptop – GS63VR 6RF-010CA – Review

Over the last couple of months I have been given the opportunity to test out the MSI laptop, GS63VR 6RF-010CA. I really put this powerful system through its paces with editing over 1000Gb of unprocessed photographs, time lapses and videos. So now I’d like to share my honest opinion with you from a photographer’s point of view, since I am no computer expert.

Right off the bat, when I first pulled the laptop out of the box, I was blown away how cool and sleek it looks. It had a very cool metallic look and felt like, well, quality. The size is nice and compact, perfect for traveling. Another thing, coming from being a mac user, I really enjoyed that it has an SD Card Adaptor, which may not seem like a big thing, but being a photographer it is really useful. I can’t count how many times I had to buy a USB adaptor on my road trips because I would forget it at home! I didn’t have any problems with the system performance and was able to work efficiently on photo edits.

One of things that I, personally, didn’t really like (which weren’t many) was the control pad. I found that I had to press down slightly too hard in order to click and drag the cursor. Normally I use a mouse so it I guess it is a small thing for me, however, the times when I had to use the control pad I was irritated by it. I also didn’t like the location of the power button. It is located at a spot where I usually grab the laptop to move it. I inadvertently pressed the power button, at least, a dozen times over the past few weeks.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this laptop! The performance and look is amazing! Thank you MSI for this opportunity to get to work with it!


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