Riding ‘Lava Flow’ Trails, Squamish

Lately I had an urge to explore some off road trails on my Enduro motorcycle. The motorcycle that I own is a Honda XR650, street legal dirt bike. It is very powerful, but at the same time very heavy, which makes it very cumbersome and hard to ride more difficult trails. I was looking to find something not too tough, yet challenging enough for my heavy bike.

Living in British Columbia, there’s never a shortage of trails to explore. The area we decided to go ride is in Squamish, called ‘Lava Flow.’ See attached picture for the area map…

2015-02-21 12.43.21 (1)

The trail we decided to take is called “Blaine’s Connector” which eventually turns to an intermediate trail “Blindside.” In the beginning I had a little difficulty with handling my heavy motorcycle, but as we got to Blindside, the trail became harder and harder. I got stuck many times, and it required lots of strength and energy to continue on the trail. I was soaked from sweat, and at the end I had no more energy for anything else. I was glad when we were back! It’s been awhile since I have worked so much!

Lesson learned; I need a smaller motorcycle for this level of riding. Will definitely be back with a more suitable bike!

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