My Dream

Been some time since my last blog post, and I have to be honest, I don’t really like writing. But either way, I’d like to share my latest goals / dreams of my life.

Over the years, I had a chance to try out and learn many different sports, many that I still do and practice to get better at. There’s still a few sports that I yet would like to add to my activity list: such as base jumping, white water kayaking, and hang gliding (and if I ever have the money for, learn to fly a helicopter). Lately I have realised that I have another passion: Photography. I have realised that passion after I broke my ankle from canyoneering. It gave me lots of free time to learn the essentials of photography, and over the past few months it has grown on me. My dream now is to be a professional photographer, and I would like to incorporate photography into all of the sports that I’m into. I would like to explore the world through many different means: air, land, and water… I still have many skills that I need to learn both in photography and in exploration skills, and still got lots of investments to make for the gear I need (my next one is going to be an underwater housing for my camera). This is going to be a long journey, but a worthy one!

Here’s just a few pictures that I have taken the past few months (for more visit my facebook page: Edgar Bullon Adventures)


After breaking my ankle, I dedicated lots of time in learning more about photography. It surprises me that I’m actually really enjoying taking photos, and I get a really rewarding feeling after taking a beautiful shot. I’m now striving to eventually get into professional adventure photography. I still have tons to learn and slowly make investments into better gear, but I’m excited to see where that will take me! If anyone has any good tips about becoming a professional landscape / nature / adventure photographer, please let me know! 🙂

Here’s a few nature shots I took the past couple of months in my recovery stage:

Recovery Days

It has been 6 weeks since I had surgery done on my broken ankle. It is not fully healed yet, but I can slowly start applying some weight on it. It will still be some time and lots of physio untill I fully recover. It sucks since it holds me back from doing things I love, but surprisinly enough, I do find it to be an interesting experience.

Before this incident happened, I never had a bone broken, sure I had lots of injuries with pulling my legements and all, but I never had to wear a cast or had surgery performed for having something broken. This incident taught me that even tho it sucks, it’s not as bad as I tough it would be. I tought that I would be bored out of my mind doing nothing, but I have found things to still keep myself busy with: I still go to gym as much as I can, training on holding my breath and started to learn photography. At the gym, I am still able to do lots of training that doesn’t involve my broken ankle.

What I have found really interesting about this experience, is that I’m much more motivated than I was before! I see this being as a challenge! And I put lots more effort into doing what I do (what I can do for now). I feel like I have to prove to myself (and to others), that a bad situation can be turned around into something positive! Altho I gotta say, I can’t wait to be healed and back to my adventure!


Mountain Flying

Had a chance to go for a couple of flights since got back from Mexico. We had unusually hot days in our region, and that created many forrest fires in our area, covering our city and the surroundings completely with smoke. I attempted to try to fly to one of the major fires by Pemperton to take some shots from the sky. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get close to it since the smoke got too dense and I had to turn around.

The second flight I did a week later when the smoke had cleared up. Took a couple friends for a ride and was able to take some nice pictures of the mountains and the nature we have in British Columbia. Enjoy!

Smoke in the Sky

Smoke in the Sky

Copper Cove Climbing

Wednesday after work, met up with one of my good buddies at Copper Cove where he was working on his routes. Coper Cove is a beautiful area right by the ocean, the only downside of it is the necessity to coordinate the climbing with the tides (it’s a difficult access on a high tide). I wanted to try out the new routes that he has set up and spent many days cleaning “Contortionist” (5.10d-5.11a) and “Di-rectal dysfunction” (5.10c). That day I felt pretty good about myself and decided to jump straight into a harder climb and ascend it right away without trying it out under a top rope first. But it turned out that I had a false sense of confidence and the climb kicked me right in the arse! It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be and I ended up cutting my finger and it took my concentration that I needed from finishing the ascent, so midway I felt defeated and gave up. My buddy finished the route and I climbed it under a top rope, and what I have realized is that I was only one move away from passing the hard part, and the rest of the climb was super easy! I will have to come back to finish my ascent and try the other routes in that area! Either way, it was a fun evening and great to catch up with my buddy!

Coper Cove - My buddy rappelling from the top

Coper Cove – My buddy rappelling from the top

Ascending "Contortionist"

Ascending “Contortionist”

Traversing after the tide came up...

Traversing after the tide came up…