Weekend Adventure – Snowboarding Big White, Riding FlowRider and Motorcycle Ride

A spontenous decision led me on a short trip to Kelowna Friday night. There were a few places that I felt it was time I go and check out, ne of them was Big White.  It is a ski resort that I’ve heard nothing but good things about! The other place was FlowRider; it’s an indoor surf that I was really curious to try.

The drive is roughly three and a half hours from Vancouver. Driving in the middle of the night, I was able to make it much quicker. This time I drove by myself, so I decided to spend the night in the back of my SUV.  Putting the seats down gives me just enough room to make a bed. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep that well because it was very cold. I had to wake up a couple times to turn the engine on to warm up the car. On a positive note, I woke up super early and was only 10 minutes away to reach the mountain to go snowboarding!

Big White

It was my first time visiting this place and my overall impression was really good. It felt like spring conditions, yet still a little cold to ride in a shirt. The mountain wasn’t as big as I expected it to be, but the terrain is really fun and playful. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give it my all since I’m still recovering from my knee injury, so I had to take it a couple of notches easier. I will definitely have to come back on a good snowy day when I’m fully healed!

2015-03-07 11.42.13

FlowRider at H2O Adventure Fitness Centre

FlowRider is a company that makes artificial wave machines that one can surf on. With growing popularity it is becoming a sport on it’s own. It has been awhile since I have wondered what it’s like to ride it and if it’s anywhere close to riding actual waves. The closest flowrider we have to where I live in Vancouver is in Kelowna. And that location has only one of the simpliest designs that flowrider holds. Yet, I was still excited to try it out!

Here are my thoughts: flowrider, even though it’s fun, doesn’t feel anything like surfing real waves! But it was fun in it’s own way!  I could see this being even more fun once one got better at it! I also think that the skills learned from riding it could transer over to surfing, so it could be a good learning tool.  Now I am really curious to try out other flowrider designs such as the 10’ barrel wave; they have one in San Diego (Wavehouse).

2015-03-07 13.38.022015-03-07 14.04.36

Sunday Motorcycle Ride

After a good night sleep in my own bed, which felt amazing compared to the sleep I had the previous night in the cold car, I decided to go on a motorcycle ride with an excited passenger, Carrie. We rode to Whistler on the Sea to Sky Highway, stopping at various site seeing sites and exploring some dirt roads. After a day of riding we were both very sore and Carrie started to have muscle spasms, luckily by that time we were almost home. Despite the uncomfortableness of my motorcycle and the pain it caused from riding on it for too long, Carrie would still love to go for an even longer ride! 😛


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