Bunzen Lake – Cliff Jumping and Geese Loving

After a long and awesome day of rock-climbing and windsurfing under the hot sunny day on Saturday, decided to take it easy on Sunday and go cliff jumping at Bunzen Lake. To get to the cliffs is about a 45minutes walk from the parking lot that also involves some scrambling thru the trees and bushes. It would have been much faster to swim across from the beach to the cliffs if we didn’t have all our stuff (food) to carry. Once there, it’s a really nice chill area on top of the cliffs, and it has many varying heights to jump from (some are very sketchy). The only downside is that this area is restricted, and police officers patrol this area from there motor boat. Luckily I had time to do a couple of jumps before we got kicked out from that place!

We then went to relax on the beach, and we were encountered with a flock of geese that wanted to share our food! Some of them got really close and personal! lol


Cliff Diving 🙂

Bunzen Goose

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