Seals Territory Invasion!

I have been eyeing this rocky island for quite some time every time I would drive on Sea to Sky Highway. This weekend I finally had my chance to explore it!

The day started off with me looking at my options at what I could be doing during that beautiful sunny day. That’s when I got a call from my buddy who wanted to do something adventurous, so I proposed to go explore the island that was on my list to explore. At first I thought about paddle boarding to it, but there was no more rental available for my friend, then we tried to get a sea kayak (which would have been the easiest chose of transportation besides a motor boat), and once again we had no luck with that either. So we have decided to take my friends old canoe.

Right after we loaded the canoe and got in the water, we have realized that the canoe isn’t really designed to be used in the sea. Waves were coming into the canoe, and had to make lots of stops to “cap” the water out! Eventually, after struggling thru the wind and uneasy sea, we made it to the island.

The seals weren’t as excited upon our arrival as we were, they all jumped into the water from there nice and cozy spots as we docked the island. For the entire time we were there, over 30 seals were having their heads out of the water staring us down. They didn’t seem to be pleased.

Eventually I put on my wetsuit and my dolphin fin to go freediving, hopefully I could pass as their own. Unfortunately  they didn’t go for it, they all scattered away as I swam underwater to join them. One of my dreams is to interact with seals underwater, I guess that day wasn’t met to happen lol.

It was a really cool mini adventure, I would love to come back to that area again with scuba gear to do deeper exploration! (I wish I had a boat lol)

Area location map

Area location map

Map - location of the Island

Map – location of the Island

Black dots in the water are seals staring us down lol

Black dots in the water are seals staring us down lol

Ready to freedive!

Ready to freedive!

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