“Just Do It!” Mentality

Here’s what have been going thru my mind last night during training, felt like sharing it…

Few months ago, due to minor injuries and different interests, I felt that I haven’t been pushing myself hard enough in my training. Lately I have been trying to change that. The biggest challenge I found was to stick to the intensity of the workouts, I felt lazy at times and many times I gave into it and not finish up my training as I should of have: in my case, after my main training I would skip my freediving training at the pool. I gave myself excuses that I will catch up with it the next day, as a result I didn’t made any progress at all. One thing that I found is helping me overcome this is the mentality that I used to use way back in the days, I call it “Just do it” mentality. It is really simple, you set a certain schedule that you’d want to follow, and you simply do it. Don’t give yourself a choice. Because once you start debating whether you should do it or not, your mind will find many reasons why should skip it, or take an easy way out. Someone once told me about his experience in the army, even tho the training was rigorous, he still though it was easier, because there was no choice of not doing it. It had to be done! I found it to be the same experience for me when I was doing my training for the Army Reserves back in my young days. If you give yourself no choice, it will become easier, and this is what has been working for me lately. I used to go thru a mental battle every time after my weight training to continue my training freediving at the swimming pool. It was really hard to force myself to continue training when all I wanted to do was go home eat and sleep. But lately I give myself no more choice, and I feel that I save lots of mental energy for not thinking about it, but just doing it. And I’m starting to see results again!

14 thoughts on ““Just Do It!” Mentality

  1. I think having a goal to reach, a set programme to follow, or an instructor pushing you on, would definitely help you to stick to your training schedule. Without those things it probably would come down to a ‘Just do it!’ mentality. It can be applied to many things besides sports, too. Interesting post. 🙂

    • Yes I agree, having someone to push you definitely makes things easier. I did lots of partner training last year, and we both held each other accountable for our training.. was fun times! 🙂

  2. Fitness, leisure, exercise should be scheduled, it helps with accountability. As much I look forward to windsurfing, for some reason I can be talked out of it. Still a little fear in me I guess. Great post!!

    • Yep that’s true, if I don’t schedule anything for the weekend, I’ll spend half a day thing of what to do and as a result end up doing nothing lol… I don’t like those days! Lol
      And yes, I get a bit of fear if I go to a place like the gorge!

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