Skaha Cave Exploring

On Sunday morning, was slowly waking up in the cosy bed I’ve made in the back of my car listening to the rain drops. My plan of driving to Kamloops to skydive had to be cancelled because of the weather. Wasn’t able to rock climb too since it was wet. Me and the climbing group went to Tim Hortons to decide what to do for the day. Someone has suggested to go explore a cave, we all agreed. I thought it was going to be a very simple cave, but I was quite surprised, this cave turned out to be not quite a walk in the park as I expected!

By the time we got to the “Cave Hill,” the rain has stopped and occasional sunshine was poking thru the clouds. The rock was still wet at that time, and to get to the cave entrance, some scrambling and unprotected climbing had to be made… Nothing feels better than climbing on a wet slippery rock! (sarcasm lol)

Eventually we got to the entrance and made our way in. The cave had lots of areas with big drops where we had to pass on a ledge, some were very slippery! One of them made me a little nervous, there wasn’t any good hand holds and the ledge was very wet and slanted towards a drop, felt like any moment I would slip and wouldn’t had no way to save the fall. At one point we got slightly lost and some people started to panic. Many just wanted this to be over and done with, me I actually felt very excited being there, perhaps this type of adventure isn’t for everyone! When we finally found the exit, we had to make a final move to squish thru the opening, I got a little nervous at that point after realizing that I wasn’t a very good fit for it (at that moment I wished I was skinnier lol)… After several tries I squeezed myself thru the hole, after feeling my chest being squished!

It was a great little adventure, I enjoyed myself being there and would definitely recommend it! Just be safe!

2 thoughts on “Skaha Cave Exploring

  1. Definitely not a walk in the park, and those slippery ledges looked more than precarious. Your tight squeeze at the end there looked like fun! No broken ribs, I hope. lol.At least you all emerged laughing. Relief to be out would play a part, i suppose. Great post. 🙂

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