Rock Climbing at Skaha Bluffs

Had another great weekend filled with activities! Woke up early Saturday morning and made my way to Skaha Bluffs in Penticton. Out there I met up with a friends friend that was out climbing with a climbing group. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the place was packed! Every wall that we passed was occupied, luckily Skaha Bluffs is a big area, so we just had to hike further to find some walls to climb on. We found a few fun wallls to climb on, some more challenging then others. I feel that my climbing ability is slowly starting to come back to me after a long break of not climbing, and I’m starting to appreciate climbing once again!

We climbed the entire day right till the sunset, at that point I was tired, dehydrated and super hungry! After a nice meal I made my bed in the back of the car. There was a rainstorm during the night and  it made it perfect for an awesome night of sleep! Haven’t had such a good night sleep in awhile!

Leading one of the easier climbs as a warm up

Leading one of the easier climbs as a warm up

Skaha Bluffs

Skaha Bluffs

Warm welcoming bed :)

Warm welcoming bed 🙂

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