Trip to Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

After exploring many locations on the motorcycle, we decided to go explore the Island of Ometepe.  Ometepe is a small island in the middle of Nicaragua Lake. What is fascinating about this island is that it has two volcanoes on it. I was really excited to explore the island!

Map of the Ometepe Island

Map of the Ometepe Island

To get to it, a ferry can be taken from San Jorge that takes you to one of a couple of different ports on the island. If you’re planning on taking a car over make sure to get a reservation, as the ferry gets very full! Not a problem with motorcycles though… Watching the ferry being loaded was quite an experience in itself. I was surprised how many tracks and cars they were able to squeeze onto such a small ferry. I was a little worried if all of the motorcyclist would be able to get on, as we were the last to board. Luckily we had enough space to squeeze our motorcycles in the tight spot between the trucks. The ferry ride was very slow compared to my Canadian standards lol…

Ferry loading

Ferry loading

View of the two volcanoes from the ferry

View of the two volcanoes from the ferry

After what felt like an eternity of soaking up the sun on the top deck of the ferry and watching the volcanoes coming closer, we made it to the island. Once off the ferry, we were off to go explore! One of the places we visited is called the “Ojo de agua,” it’s a beautiful natural swimming pool. We had lunch there, swam around a little, and it was time to get back to catch the last ferry ride back.

DCIM100GOPRO 2015-01-29 17.53.25

When we got back to board the last ferry, the area was empty with no one around. Not a place that you would expect to see that would have a ferry just about to leave. I asked some locals, and learned that the ferry left from a different location on the island. The ferry was leaving from the town called Mayogalpa that was a good 15-20 minutes ride from where we were. We ended up missing the last ferry, and went to a local pizza restaurant to discuss our options of where to stay for the night. After hearing our conversation, an American man came up to us and recommended different hostels for us to stay at and after some conversation he invited us to stay at a farm where he was staying at… that’s if we were okay with sleeping in hammocks. We decided to stay at the farm in the end.

After riding through some rough, dirt roads in pitch black, we have arrived at the farm. The farm is located just outside of town in a quiet and peaceful area. After walking through the gates, there were steps that took us down to the back of the farm right by the lake where a very nice bar has been built. This location is one of the hidden gems that we were lucky to stumble across, it felt really surreal being there! Then time came to sleep in the hammocks, I wasn’t expecting it to be such a long and sleepless night…

Bar at the back of the farm right by the water at night.

Bar at the back of the farm right by the water at night.

For anyone who is looking to share this experience staying at this farm... Here's the name

For anyone who is looking to share this experience staying at this farm… Here’s the name. Good luck finding it lol

Falling asleep was easy, but after a couple of hours howling winds and the cold that came with them awaked me. There was no way I was able to fall back to sleep and I came unprepared to stay the night outside on a hammock. I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I checked with my friends, and no one else was sleeping either and they were just as frozen as I was. Luckily I was able to salvage a thin jacket and a towel to wrap my legs in and my friends found other thin blankets to keep them just warm enough to make it through the night. From that point on, no one was able to sleep; it was still cold and the winds kept us awake. At times when the winds would die down, the dog would wake me up by growling at something. And to top it up, in the early morning the rooster was loudly greeting us with a good morning! It was a very long night!

Playing with the "guard" dog after a long restless night

Playing with the “guard” dog after a long restless night

Farm, in the morning

Farm, in the morning

Took a kayak for a ride...

Took a kayak for a ride…

After breakfast, we were off to the city to catch the ferry back. We paid our fares and I was directed to the boat by one of the security working there. After seeing the boat, at first I thought it was a mistake, it looked like an old fishing boat that is about to fall apart that didn’t even have a ramp for the motorcycles. I had to ask the guy twice in my bad Spanish if that was the boat, he nodded his head… I couldn’t stop laughing in disbelief. I was also very excited to take a ride on this boat!

Streets of Moyogalpa

Streets of Moyogalpa

Ferry Captain...

Ferry Captain…

On the ferry ride back...

On the ferry ride back…

After seeing the workers load our motorcycles on a piece of wooden plank in a very sketchy way, it was our turn to embark! The boat on the inside looked just as rough as it did on the outside. There was a worker pumping out water from the lower passenger deck the whole time, and most of the seats were falling apart. It was an interesting ride back, and I managed to get some sleep that was missed from the previous night. After we disembarked, we headed back to our resort. It was a fun adventure!

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