Dad’s Bday Surprise Present: Long Weekend Getaway to New York

February 04 was my dads birthday, as a surprise we decided to take him to New York for the weekend. My sister, my dad and I took off from Seattle Friday Night and landed in New York Saturday morning. We have relatives living there, they were very helpful with providing us a place to stay and being tour guides for the whole time.

Although these type of trips aren’t really my style when it comes to travelling, it was interesting to see the city and a few places we have visited. I would of enjoyed this trip better in the summer, where more outdoor activities are available… Perhaps I will have to come back!

Intrepid Museum

I’m not much of a museum, nor a tourist kind of guy, but this place really impressed me. They have turned an aircraft carrier into a museum, where many areas could be explored. They also have an space shuttle and a submarine. Besides visiting other popular landmarks like Time Squares and the Statue of Liberty; this should also be on the list to check out when visiting New York!

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO 2015-02-09 13.12.15 2015-02-09 13.02.53 2015-02-09 12.48.16 DCIM100GOPRO 2015-02-09 12.39.24 2015-02-09 12.41.20 2015-02-09 12.42.12 2015-02-09 12.49.12 2015-02-09 12.50.50

More Misc Pics

DCIM100GOPRO 2015-02-07 10.54.05 2015-02-07 13.57.39

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