Spearfishing in Nicaragua with Extreme Nicaraguan Adventures

Since the wave conditions weren’t good for surfing during the week I was in Nicaragua, I searched for other things to satisfy my adventurous needs. I had scuba diving in mind, but everytime I walked in the dive shop, a spanish speaking lady would always tell me that the dive tour guide was away; so no luck with diving that week either. As I was walking down the street with all the adventurous tour guide offerings, I stumbled across “Extreme Nicaraguan Adventures.” They offered various different adventures, but the one I was interested in was spearfishing/snorkeling. They charge $60 per person for a day trip spearfishing on their boat, and at the end you get to keep the fish to have it cooked at any restaurant. I right away signed up for it, and the next day we were off for a spearfishing adventure!

The boat took us down along the beautiful Nicaraguan coast to our first dive site. I was paired up with Sergio (the owner) who took me to deeper spots where I could freedive, since I have some freediving experience. Everyone else stayed at the shallow areas and were catching fish for the dinner after. The visibility wasn’t too good at that spot, so we continued our journey to a further spot along the coast. That second spot was beautiful. Unfortinately there wasn’t too much sealife underwater, we choose the wrong time a year for that, it was also the time when we had to wear wetsuits. But I still enjoyed being underwater and chasing the fish that were there!

On the way back, as we were enjoying our cold beers, we had dolphins as company for a shortwhile. Then later, when the assistant was skinning our fish, we had a flock of birds following us, all fighting for a piece of left over fish. It was really cool to be there seeing that.

My overall experience was really good with Sergio and his crew. However there are a few things that could have been better with their service… One thing I didn’t like was the equipment that they provided. The snorkel that I was given had black mold on it, luckily I was able to replace the moldy part with other broken snorkels they had. Also, I found Sergio to be very direct. While this is not always a bad trait, some people may find him offensive. Even though his manners weren’t always professional, I still found him to be a good person who did his best at making our experience as best as it could be, even with conditions that were not ideal for freediving/spearfishing. I would personally recommend him, just bring your own snorkel gear lol…

2015-01-27 16.09.27 2015-01-27 13.30.56 DCIM100GOPRO

6 thoughts on “Spearfishing in Nicaragua with Extreme Nicaraguan Adventures

  1. Sounds like the place to be if it’s extreme adventures you’re after, Definitely right up your street, I think. Loved the underwater filming and the wonderful weather made me green with envy. Glad you had a great time, Edgar, especially with the free diving. What’s a bit of mould, between friends, after all! Haha! Sergio doesn’t sound too bad at heart – perhaps he just needs a few lessons in people skills. 🙂

    • It was definitely an interesting experience! And spending time with Sergio was an experience all in itself, gave us an interesting dinner conversation afterwards lol…

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