Our Stay at Surf Ranch Resort

Here’s a quick review of the resort we stayed at during our trip to Nicaragua. Surf Ranch Resort is a pretty neat spot that’s located about 5 to 10 mins drive from San Juan Del Sur. It has a pool with a  bar, rock climbing wall, volleyball court, skate park, and an airbag to jump onto.

Even though it’s considered to be a sports resort, I felt it was a better place to relax and have a little downtime before leaving into town or to the beach for surfing. Compared to other locations that people stayed, this spot is quiet and peaceful, which I found to be great since I need my beauty sleep to recharge for the next day! As for the resort location, I didn’t find it to be very convenient. It’s a little far (walking) from the beach and the town. There are shuttles going to town and to the beach a few times a day, and taxis are fairly cheap to go to various beaches in that area, so getting around isn’t really a problem. But I still was glad to have rented a motorcycle for the week, giving me the freedom to go anywhere I wanted, any time I wanted.

As for the staff and service, I found them to be very friendly and nice. The rooms tend to get hot during the day since there’s no air conditioning (only fans are provided), but it didn’t bug me since I’m not on vacation to stay in the room, only to sleep. Also be prepared to find occasional scorpions wondering around the room (I caught 2 during my week stay), but that’s because I left my door wide open when I was in the pool.

My overall experience with that resort was great! It has a few short comings, like It’s not a place to go where you would want to stay the whole time like in an all-inclusive resort. But it’s a great place for travellers who would like some down time to get away from all the craziness of the city and recharge for the next day!

Location of Surf Ranch Resort... Not in a very convenient location.

Location of Surf Ranch Resort… Not in a very convenient location.

Pool with bar at the centre of the resort. Beautiful place...

Pool with bar at the centre of the resort. Beautiful place…

2015-01-29 09.26.24

Skate park

Skate park



Surf boards for rental...

Surf boards for rental…

3 thoughts on “Our Stay at Surf Ranch Resort

  1. It sounds like you had a really good time. – although the scorpions don’t sound too great! Your photos make me very jealous – the weather looks warm and sunny. Nice post, Edgar.

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