Winter Motorcycle Trail Exploration

Decided to ride my bike to Squamish to go explore some trails. The weather today was really cold, with a mixture of snow and rain. The trip to Squamish is an hour each way. By the end of it, I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore lol. As for the trail exploring, I found a trail that goes all the way up a mountain, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to ride all the way up. At one point it was way too icy to make it up, and I decided to turn around. The way down was much more sketchier than the way up, I took it very slow and easy since it was very slippery!

This ride felt more of a challenge than fun, since it was really cold, and some areas were really slippery. I was also a little scared for the possibility to encounter ice on the highway on the way there and back! But the trail was a really  fun ride up, I will have to come back during the summer to be able to go all the way up!

2015-01-02 13.58.01 2015-01-02 13.42.42

2 thoughts on “Winter Motorcycle Trail Exploration

  1. I’m really impressed by the number of sporting activities you actually do! The video is great. I’m amazed you got as far as you did along that treacherous, icy road, so close to that cliff edgeI I think you were wise to turn back when you did – but wouldn’t have been surprised if you’d carried on! You have an incredible tendency to push yourself to the limit. You must be extremely fit!

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