10 Day Freediving Challenge

I haven’t been pushing myself enough lately, I feel like I need to give myself a bit of a challenge. So for the next 10 days straight I will go do solo free diving at night after my gym training. It’s not going to be easy, it’s freezing cold and I’m usually low on energy after a good workout or whatever I’m doing during the day. I wanted to make this official so I won’t back out, everyday I will report back in the comment section to write about my experience… I should have no excuses but to go through with it, the only excuse is if I fall very ill, then I might postpone this challenge lol…

Day 1 Went out last night to Whytecliff Park, and I have to admit, I really didn’t feel like going in the water. It was very windy, which created lots of waves on the surface. Due to the wind I wasn’t able to use my Inflatable dolphins to relax on before each dive. I had to cling to the rocks instead. I wasn’t able to get a relaxation period and breathing going between dives because the waves were bouncing me around.  When I wanted to get a good breath in, a wave would come in and I would swallow a whole bunch of seawater lol… Therefore, I couldn’t really enjoy the experience of being underwater since I wasn’t relaxed and was a little nervous. It was also a little scary being there at that time by myself… Not a good start to the challenge lol.

Day 2 Went out last night after training, felt low on energy and really didn’t feel like going in the water lol. We also have a cold front that came in last night, and the temperature is below 0 degree Celsius. When I was putting my wet suit on, it was snowing outside! I was frozen before, during and after the dive! I couldn’t stay under over a minute, and couldn’t really enjoy it either lol… I think I picked a bad time for this challenge, because today is much colder! And I’m not really looking forward to freezing again :/

Day 3 This time I went out and rented a thick (7-12mm) Wetsuit. It was freezing to get in and out of it, but once in, it wasn’t too bad cold wise. I did have to wear much more weight, but still was too buoyant! It was also tougher to get a full breath in, so I was still not able to make any good underwater time.

Also one of my dolphins died during this session! 😦

It’s -10 degree celsius outside, not looking for today’s session…

2014-11-29 17.57.25

Day 4 – Last day of the challenge I will have to postpone this challenge.  Here are a few reasons:

– My family is away and I need to take care of the dogs this entire week

– I picked a very bad time for this challenge, it’s too cold and I feel like I’m not making any progression at all, just going in to freeze lol.  I feel like I’m wasting my time. I’d rather train in the gym longer, and go free dive in swimming pools.

– I will do this challenge at a better time, like maybe in April. – Sorry, don’t feel good about cancelling this challenge, but I need to.

The lesson that I have learned from these few days of free diving: free diving during freezing weather sucks!

8 thoughts on “10 Day Freediving Challenge

    • Thanks! I’m hoping to be able to stay longer!
      For now I can hold my breath 3:30 to 4:00 minutes in comfortable conditions. But underwater it’s cold, so my time is reduced quite abit….

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