Weekend Surfing Trip to Seaside

Got a chance once again to get away over the weekend for another surfing trip with a couple of friends. We arrived to our hostel at Seaside, Oregon, late Friday night. Right before bed, my friend has realized that she had forgoten her purse at Safeway, which was an hour and half drive away. It was closed at that time, so she had to wait until the morning when she was able to make a call to find out if her purse was found. We were all in a bad mood, if the purse couldn’t be found, the trip would have been over for us. Luckily it was found and we picked it up the next day early in morning.

After a long morning drive, we arrived to Seaside beach where we were ready to surf! It was a very cold day Saturday morning, the air temperature didn’t rise above 5 degree celcius. Putting on and taking off our wetsuits wasn’t very pleasant, luckily this location has a warm shower that makes it a little more bearable to accomplish.

The following day, Sunday,  was such a beautiful day! The temperature rose to 15 degree celsius, a nice sunny day, with an offshore breeze. The waves weren’t very big, but they were perfect to have fun on! I caught dozens of waves. One wave in particular made this trip worth it. I was riding the wave and I squatted down low on my board so the wave was above my head level. I looked to the back and I saw the wave breaking right by my shoulder and when I looked forward I could also see the wave still forming in front of me.  At the same time I skimmed my hand through the wave… The feeling was unbelievable! I felt so connected with that wave!

The drive back was long and arduous, I felt very tired the next day at work too. But the trip was very fun!

Setting myself up for the next wave!

Setting myself up for the next wave!

Seaside Surf Spot

Seaside Surf Spot

Beach view from Seaside Downtown

Beach view from Seaside Downtown

Seaside Hostel's Backyard

Seaside Hostel’s Backyard

Warm shower at Seaside Beach... Made the cold experience more bearable!

Warm shower at Seaside Beach… Made the cold experience more bearable!

27 thoughts on “Weekend Surfing Trip to Seaside

      • Never surfed in Hawaii, but it’s definitely on my list! But then again surfing is surfing… You can have great time anywhere as long that the surfing conditions are good

      • I’m currently in Northern California, San Francisco and the Bay Area which has some great surfing locales! Pacifica is one I hear about all the time. Do you have a favorite spot to surf?

      • You live in a great surfing location… you have no excuse not to surf! Id be surfing all the time if id be where you live lol…
        i usually go surfing in Oregon, but its 7 hours away!… I’ll be doing a road trip to California next month for a week to check out some surfing spots!

      • Haha! Busted! Yes, I know, I’ve got zero excuses for NOT jumping into the ocean… BUT… in my defense the water here is super COLD! Just a mental hurdle to get over, I suppose.
        Where are you looking to visit in California next month? Do December surfing conditions improve with the coming of winter?

      • Pacific ocean is always cold… that’s why we got wetsuits 🙂
        I haven’t picked any spots yet, but I’m planning on checking out multiple spots.
        And yes, waves are usually better wintertime

      • Ironically, everyone I’ve talked to about the cold here in Nor Cal says the same thing: It’s all in the mind! I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll do just fine once I get over my ‘cold fear’ and just try it!

        Perhaps then when I return to Hawaii it’ll be even more of a blast!

      • Yeah you’ll be fine lol
        And yes, surf as much as you can locally to build your skills up, then once you go somewhere, you’d be able to enjoy it more!

      • Baby steps! Baby steps!

        Your advice makes sense. I use to work with this trio of guys who surfed here all the time, literally whenever they had free time. They were easily the mellowest guys I’ve ever known. I know they also ‘follow the sun’ and have traveled to many great surfing locales around the globe. Ah, one day!

      • Don’t have any particular fantasy surf destinations, but a nice tropical spot with warm water… I heard good things about Costa Rica.
        My fantasy would be to ride a nice size wave that is running and has a loop, and I want to be inside that loop!
        Why are you interested in starting up surfing?

      • By friend Kurt comes from Costa Rica and I remember many conversations where he talked about surfing there! Definitely a place on my list of places to see and perhaps surf.

        As for my interest… I guess because it’s connected to water which I love and it’s one of those things in life I haven’t done yet, but want to… I don’t know if it means I’ll ‘become a surfer’ so much as ‘experience surfing’.

        …we’ll have to see!

      • That’s awesome! And yes, surfing will definitely make you connect more with water and the nature of it… it will make you love it and fear it, and sometimes frustrated if you can’t catch anything good. It’s such a good feeling to ride a wave and skim your hand along the wave as you ride! But you have to first learn how to surf which might take up to 20 sessions depending how fast you learn. And the more you surf, the more you’ll appreciate it…

      • Yes, I expect it’ll take some time, which is why I won’t do it until I know I can make that time available. I’m very physical and in relatively good shape from regular working out or riding so I hope it’ll help! Your videos really do inspire me to pursue it though. I can tell how much you enjoy it!

  1. thanks for checking out realsurfers.net If you follow my site, you probably know I surf mostly on the Straits of Juan de Fuca. I’m not sure how many surfers come down from BC, but some. Tricky to hit it right, though everyone checks the forecasts to have the best opportunity. I’m going to try it this afternoon, in fact. My father lives in Chinook, Wa. and I try to surf northern Oregon spots when I go to visit him. Do appreciate the warm shower at Seaside. Thanks, again, keep adventuring. Erwin

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