Freediving Progression

Lately I have been addicted to free diving. Most of last weekend I spent free diving at different locations. Every dive I get to appreciate this sport even more. Here are a few things that make free diving a great sport: – it’s relatively cheap, it’s challenging, it gives a sense of adventure, and it brings peace of mind.

Every time I’m about to plunge underwater, I always get a sense of excitement that something amazing is about to happen. Anything unexpected can happen underwater and any encounters can be made with sea-life. Most of the time, nothing really happens, but once in a while I do get to see something amazing. There’s also always a sense of fear to overcome, especially when diving at night by yourself. It’s really peaceful to be free diving in the ocean, but I do get a bit scared when I go deeper, I’m always afraid that I’ll run out of breath before I can get to the surface. That’s one of the obstacles that I will have to overcome before I will be able to go deeper. Other obstacles are my ability to relax and my tolerance for the cold. For now I can only go down for 1:30 to 2:00 minutes before I feel that I need air, and I can only go down 5 to 7 times before I feel that my body has no more heat.

I feel that there are still lots of progressions I have to make in free diving, and the possibilities to explore with it are endless!


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