First Outdoor Freediving Experience

As the days are getting shorter, I’m patiently waiting for the snowboarding season to begin.  In the meantime, I am looking for cheap, yet exciting and challenging activities to do over the weekends. I believe I have found one… Freediving!

Years ago I used to practice holding my breath underwater in swimming pools.  The idea of plunging deep underwater with a single breath fascinated me! At one point, I was practicing it every day, pushing my limits every time to the point of almost passing out (I actually did pass out once). Eventually I got to the point where I was able to hold my breath for over 5 minutes. Unfortunately I have never found the time to take it to the ocean, and my interest in it slowly waned…

This weekend, Carrie and I made plans to go explore the area around Horseshoe Bay on Stand up Paddle Boards. I also thought that it would be cool to see if I could free dive while at it. I don’t have a free diving wetsuit, so I just had to use my surfing wetsuit, which isn’t ideal for it, but still does the job. Other than that, I had to go buy 3mm neoprene socks so I could use my mono fin and still keep my feet warm.

After my first experience of plunging underwater as a free diver, I was amazed! It was a super cool experience compared to scuba diving. Don’t get me wrong, I love scuba diving, but this time I felt so much more free and in touch with the sea life. I felt like I was one of their own!

So that is it for me. I found a sport that will excite and motivate me for the next few weeks before it gets too cold. I would also like to be able to hold my breath as long as I used to, so I can enjoy staying underwater longer!


10 thoughts on “First Outdoor Freediving Experience

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