My Laid Back Weekend

Decided to take it easy last weekend and do activities that don’t cost much, since this coming weekend I’m off to Oregon again!

Friday I decided to go stand up paddle boarding during the night. I have arrived to Jericho Beach at Sunset, have locked my friends and my cloths in the club’s shed, got the paddle boards and paddled off into the sea. The sea was calm and peaceful, and the sunlight was slowly disappearing in the horizon. It was dark, but the city and freighter lights made it possible for us to see. We made our way towards the freighter, my intentions were to climb the anchor and jump from it! I have done it numerous times before, but this was my first time to do it during the night!


As we got close to the ship, I looked around to make sure there was no security walking on the deck, jumped in the water and swam towards the anchor. Usually the height of the anchor vary from 10 to 15 meters (30 to 45 feet) depending on the ship and how much load it is carrying. This one was around 10 meters high, and it doesn’t seem too high when looking from the bottom. But as soon as I climbed up, the perception of the height changed dramatically: all of a sudden you realize how high you actually are. And just the fact of being around such a huge ship and being at night makes it that much more scary. I took a deep breath and jumped away from the ship and the anchor to make sure not to hit it on the way down. An interesting phenomenon of jumping at night is that when you jump, it’s really hard to tell where the water really is, all you see is black. So it was kinda cool not knowing when the water is going to hit you, gave it a bit more of a rush!

Now the fun began that night around 45 minutes after I jumped, I have realized that I have lost the key to the shed where all my clothes were (the key was around my neck, must of have fallen when I jumped). Since it was late, all the staff was already off duty, and we were the only ones there. No one to open the shed for us… Luckily I had my car keys with me the whole time, and I had an extra shirt and shorts in my car, but no shoes. I felt really careless that night, so I ended up going to get some food at McDonalds shoeless, while my friend was still in a wetsuit. I felt a little strange doing that, but that was part of the experience lol…. Funny night it was.

The next day, I picked up my clothes from the shed, and decided to go on a hike. I’m not a big hiker, since it doesn’t give me very much of a thrill, but it felt really nice to do it for a change. We hiked up the Chief mountain, in Squamish. When we started it was very gloomy and wet outside. But when we got to the top of the mountain, the clouds opened up and it was a view to be seen! It was beautiful!


On Sunday, I went for a spontaneous run without any distance in mind. Ended up running 25 kms, since I havn’t done much long distance running lately, I had trouble walking the next day lol…

So that was my laid back weekend, it is nice to take it easy once in awhile…

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