Climbing The Sky Walker At Shannon Falls, Squamish

Around noon on Sunday, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do that day. I called my friend, Salvador, and he told me he was on his way to Squamish to do a multi-pitch climb. I decided to join him and I got everything ready as quickly as possible and decided to join him and another friend for the day of climbing adventure! It has been ages since I had been climbing, so my friend and I agreed that I wouldn’t do much work like leading and rope management, I would just concentrate on being the camera man (which I really enjoy doing anyway).

We got to Shannon Falls in Squamish, found a spot to park the car, got ready and made our way through a hiking trail that lead to the start of the climb. The climb is called “Sky Walker,” (5 pitch trad climb) and it wasn’t a very difficult climb, which was a good way for me to get back into climbing.


We started our climb a little late, around 3:30pm, and we were expecting to get back around 8pm. Since there were 3 of us and my friends didn’t bring all the gear necessary for that type of climb, it took us a bit longer than we expected. The sun started to go down while we were finishing the 3rd pitch, and we still had 2 pitches left to climb! We hadn’t prepared ourselves very well, we only had one head lamp, we’d run out of water and we ate all the snacks that I’d taken. So we were really hungry, thirsty, and trying to hurry to finish the climb before it got dark. Our rope was barely long enough, but luckily we were able to combine the last two pitches into one. Once we got up to the top it was pitch black. We were very satisfied with the climb, and enjoyed the moment of being at the top in the darkness while we got all our gear ready for the hike down. It felt really peaceful…


The hike down took a good 30 to 45 minutes, after which we finally got back to my car. Unfortunately my day wasn’t over, my friend dropped his keys down the cliff during the climb. So I had to drive all the way to his house to get the spare keys, and back to his car. Which meant another 2 and a half hours of driving. I felt like a zombie the next day at work. But the experience was worth it!


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