Evening Windsurfing Session at Jericho

Yesterday while at work, I checked the wind forecast for Jericho, and noticed very promising wind that evening! I got all excited, and as soon as work ended, I bicycled back home as fast as I could, got ready and jumped on my bike to go windsurfing! Once I got to Jericho, I was disappointed to find that there was no wind… But I decided to be patient and waited around untill the wind finally picked up! I was windsurfing all the way until the sun went down… It was such a cool feeling! It was a bit scary being in the ocean in the darkness, knowing that the coast guards are off duty, but at the same time it was very peaceful! It was a very cool experience! Although on the way back home it started to rain very heavily, it felt a little sketchy to ride on the motorcycle.

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