3 Day Long Weekend = 3 Trips

Day 1 – Windsurfing in Squamish

I wouldn’t really call this much of a trip since Squamish is only an hour away from the city, but it’s a fun place for windsurfing. Saturday early morning, I loaded my equipment and headed to Squamish. Once I got there, I quickly assembled my sail (which is becoming easier these days, I used to really dislike doing it), put on my thick wetsuit and jumped in the water. Like always, I was having a blast windsurfing! It’s one of my favorite sports!

As the day progressed, the winds picked up to 30knots, and I was riding with a 6.0 meter sail, which is quite big for winds of that kind of intensity. I felt overpowered while riding, and was feeling a little nervous too, but I still kept at it as much as I could until I had no more energy left and my legs started cramping up. I came home in the evening exhausted and very bruised from all the falling, and I passed out to be ready for Day 2.


Day 2 – Flight to Campbell River for Skydiving

Last year I promised my sister to take her to Campbell River where she could take her First Jump Course (http://pacificairsports.com/learn.php). Early Sunday morning, I pulled myself out of bed, and headed to the airport to prepare the airplane for the flight. We took off from Pitt Meadows Airport and flew to Campbell River (a little town in Vancouver Island). It’s only an hour and ten minutes flight on the airplane, compared to having to drive and take the ferry (which is a hour trip), sometimes it’s worth being a pilot J. Once we got to Campbell River, my sister and her friend went to the classroom for the course, and I went off to start jumping. I did four skydives that day, and I even had time to finish writing an exam for my B licence. Overall it was a very productive day!

We flew back late that evening, and got home at 11pm. Feeling even more exhausted than I did the day before, I passed out once again for only a few hours of sleep till I had to wake up for Day 3.

 skydive 1 skydive 2 skydive 3

Day 3 – Trip to La Push for Surfing

I had heard lots of good things about La Push, but never found a chance to go until that day. The Twilight movies had been filmed there, so if you’ve seen those, you’d know it’s a very beautiful place. I was very excited to go surfing there. So excited that it was enough to  get me out of bed super early on Monday morning.


The trip to La Push from Vancouver is about 5 hours if you plan everything well and reservations for the ferry are made in advance. Obviously for us it was a new experience, and a learning curve, too. We didn’t book the ferry (never making that mistake again). It took us seven and a half hours to get there, and I was even thinking of turning back before arriving because I didn’t think we’d have time to get back that night (I had to get back to work the next day). But then I thought, ‘no way! I’m gonna get there and get back no matter what! Even if it means not sleeping the whole night to drive back home the long way if I miss the last ferry!’ And we did, we got to La Push, and it was indeed a beautiful place! The waves weren’t too big but they were really fun to play with. I caught a few really fun waves that definitely made my trip worth it! On the way back we caught the late ferry, and arrived home around 1 o’clock in the morning. I was a walking zombie the next day at work, but that’s the price to pay if you want to have fun!

LaPush1 LaPush2

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