Training Progression – July Goals Report and New Goals

A thought went thru my head this morning when I was doing my early morning run before work: “If I look back on my life 20 years from now, and if there isn’t anything worth seeing, then I’m wasting my time!”

The month of July is over. Here’s our report on the goals we have set a month ago:

– 315lbs bench press: we have done one rep each at 315lbs, altho it was super hard for us, I still feel that this one needs more improvement. But I do feel that we are getting stronger in this area.

– 315lbs squat: this goal wasn’t as hard to achieve as the bench press. So now the next goal for it would be 365lbs

For this month we will concentrate on these goals:

– Deadlift 405lbs

– muscle ups (with ease)

Ever since last month, we have redesigned our whole training schedule. What we have learned is that doing 3 to 4 hours of training a day isn’t beneficial, it’s overtraining our muscles and is counter-productive. Altho as fun as it was, we have to train smarter to get better results. So now we do our cardio in the morning a few times a week, and weight training in the evening. We have also a dedicated day for calistenic training, and one day of rest (my day of rest = doing less intensive activities lol).

We have started to train smarter and I find that we are making progress. By the way, I still dislike training in the morning, I find it to be the most challenging thing to wake up and get myself moving! But I try to do what needs to be done!

Living a life on the quest to self improvement could be very tireing sometimes. At times I have to motivate myself to keep the momentum going. I seriously don’t remember a day when I have done absolutely nothing. But as tiresome as it is, I love this lifestyle!

2 thoughts on “Training Progression – July Goals Report and New Goals

  1. This is admirable, but how do you (or did you) find time for 3-4 hours per day of training? Is that every day? I would love to find time to do an hour of yoga a few times a week, an hour of Pilates a few times a week, an hour in the gym a few times a week, to go for a run a few times a week, and then get in a long hike on the weekend, but between my day job, family commitments, and also trying to write every day, I have not been able to make anything even close to that work. I’m not getting enough sleep as it is! 🙂 I admire your commitment.

    • Thanks 🙂
      I do something almost everyday. During the week is for training like weights, dancing, kickboxing etc… Weekends are dedicated for trips and outdoor activities. And yes, time is always an issue, my whole days are pretty much taken. But even tho it gets tiring, it’s actually very fun to be always on the go (makes the little time to rest very much appreciated like right now 🙂 lol)
      What’s most important for you in life? Family? Writing? Fitness? I think if something would be important for you, you’d find time for it, there’s always time to squeeze something into the schedule! lol

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