Activity Marathon Challenge Road Trip to Oregon

Doing a variety of sports and activities is a lot of fun, but it can also be head wrecking at times. You might ask, “How could it be head wrecking?” The answer is simple- too many choices to pick from. Every week I try to come up with something fun to do over the weekend and I always get a few good options that compete for my time. Last Friday, I came up with a spontaneous idea, that I should try to do as many activities as I possibly can over the weekend.

What better place to do it than in one of my favorite weekend getaway spots in Oregon!

I searched the Internet to come up with a plan of things to do and places to go. This is what I came up with:

– Leave tonight after my training, then drive 7 hours to Hood River
– Wake up bright and early the next day to go on an amazing trail hike
– Treat myself to a Birthday present: An Inflatable SUP board for surfing
– Go windsurfing at the Gorge –  the best place for windsurfing
– Drive to Portland
– Go Go-Karting
– Go Skydiving till dark
– Drive to the coast when traffic is low at night
– Next day wake up early to go surfing with my new toy on the Oregon Coast
– Go Dune Buggy or Quad
– Either go back to a different surf spot or go skydiving in Washington or.. Both!
– Drive home

Obviously nothing ever goes quite as planned, although I did manage to do most of the activities on my list. I wasn’t able to go windsurfing because the wind hadn’t started to blow at the usual time. I couldn’t go skydiving in Washington at the end of the weekend, because I arrived  too late. Also, so much driving has been involved in this trip (roughly 1700km). But the weekend has been a lot of  fun otherwise! Here’s how my trip went…

Friday evening, at 8pm, a friend  arrived and we took off to Oregon. I was going to do this trip alone because it’s difficult to find people who want to go on a trip like this, due to the fact that there’s very little rest involved. But fortunately my friend came with me, which made it much easier on me since we got to take turns driving. After a long drive we made it to Hood River, Oregon, at 3am. We parked the car at the start of the trail hike (Eagle Creek), and slept in our vehicle. After 3 hours of sleep we woke up feeling extremely groggy. We started the walk up the trail. The calmness of the trail was peaceful and the fresh air was slowly waking me up. Something I find really cool about this trail, is the fact that it trails right on the side of the cliff. The first spot the trail leads to is called “Puchbowl falls.” It’s a really beautiful spot with a river, a couple waterfalls, and a few cliffs to jump from. The trail continues to other spots, but today we decided to turn back to save time for other activities.

After the hike, we ate a quick breakfast and drove to the store so I could buy myself a birthday present. I was going to get an inflatable standup paddle board, but after taking a peek at it, I didn’t think it would be a good choice to ride waves with. The owner of the shop showed me a few other boards and I fell in love with one particular board: A Mistral 9’2 Wave board. It’s an expensive board, but just by looking at it I could tell that this board would be awesome on the water! So that turned out to be my birthday present to myself. I had also gotten a used sail for windsurfing. Time sure flies by quickly when you’re shopping for toys! By the time I was done it was already 12pm. I was supposed to be windsurfing at that time, but the winds didn’t cooperate with my schedule. Since it wasn’t expected to pick up until 4 pm, I decided to skip windsurfing and head for a drive to Portland where I would be going Go-Karting and Skydiving.

We arrived to the Go-Karting race track about an hour and a half later without any major traffic delays. The track is a cool location and there were lots of go-kart owners parked with their trailers waiting to race. We signed in, bought 2 races (12mins each) and waited for our turn. Even though its only for fun, every time before I race I get a little bit nervous and feel competitive, trying my best to get a high score. This feeling always turns into an adrenaline rush as soon as I start riding! I felt like a kid again, and I really enjoyed the design of that track! After we did two races, we were off to go skydiving at ‘Skydive Oregon.’

Once we got to the drop zone, I wasted no time except for what it took to get all of my information filled in because I was coming to jump at a new drop zone. I then got my parachute inspected, got a good briefing on the drop zone protocols and was ready to go jumping. I jumped twice, then quickly packed my parachute. I was ready to get going to the Oregon Coast to hopefully get the last bit of sunlight for surfing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time for surfing. We parked by the beach and got some sleep for the next day.

We woke up at 6am. We had a little more sleep than the first night, and boy, we really needed it lol… We were driving around trying to find a place to get some breakfast, which was a challenge all in itself as most of the places we went to were closed! We found a lil coffee shop by the beach, had a quick breakfast there and headed to go quading. Wow, now that was an experience! It was my first time quading, and now I’m in love! It was one of the most fun things I have tried so far! The area was enormous, filled with many trails, sand dunes, and a really nice beach to ride on! I will definitely have to go back there again.

Right after quading, we drove to the beach (literally parked our car on the beach), and I went to try out my new surfing stand up paddle board (SUP). The beach, “Cape Kiwanda” was beautiful!Unfortunately, it didn’t have the best surfing conditions for an SUP because it was super windy, which made it very tough to stay on top of the board. I still managed to catch a few waves, even with the added difficulty. After a few hours, I packed up my stuff and we headed to Washington, stopping at one of my favorite Mexican food places in Seaside of course!

After a long drive, we arrived to another drop zone in Washington. I was hoping to do one more skydive before heading home. Unfortunately, I have arrived there too late, they finished jumping for the day. I was disappointed, but relieved at the same time, I was really tired by that time lol. So we decided to drive home. I arrived to my house around 1 am, ready to wake up for the next day to go to work.

Although I didn’t finish everything I had intended to do from my list, I still had lots of fun! Watch the video from this trip to see my adventure for yourself!


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