Flight around Mount Baker – March 2014

There’s always a time in our lives when we become too comfortable with our lifestyle or with a certain activity that we do. When it comes to aviation, for me it was staying out of controled airspaces and crossing the boarder to fly to the US. That kept me out from doing a flight that I wanted to do for a long time now, a flight around mnt Baker. One day I have decided that it’s time do to some homework and get the procedures figured out, and get out of my comfort zone! Turned out the procedures were very simple for a boarder crossing (without landing, when landing it is abit of a pain in the butt actually). The flight was awesome! Felt kinda unreal being there! Check out the video (altho the video doesn’t do any justice of how cool it was to fly there!).


mnt Baker 2 mnt Baker 3 mnt Baker 4 mnt Baker

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