Flight in Maui (Apr 2014)


When I go on a trip, I measure its success by the amount of activities I get to do while at it. While on our trip to Maui, we have done tons of activities in one week! We felt like we needed another vacation just to recover from this  vacation. After a long day of riding the motorcycle on the Road to Hana (which is a very concentration demanding road because it’s very narrow and curvy), we have decided to rent a plane for the sunset flight. Having my pilots licence, I usually don’t fly with an instructor. But this time, just to have an ease of mind, I have decided to fly with an instructor that knows the area. I am very glad I did, because the radio procedures are somewhat complex in that area and the winds were the highest that I have ever flown in. So having an instructor with me gave me a peace of mind that I could just fly and enjoy with him doing all the radio communications. The cost for flying was very expensive compare to what I pay locally, but the experience was sure worth it! 

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