Cliff Jumping at Lynn Valley

After 2 days of windsurfing, and not taking a rest day for over a week and a half, I have decided to take a rest day from my training yesterday. I had a few options how to spend my non training day after work: – go skydiving, go flying, relax in the pool or go cliff jumping! And I chose to go Cliff Jumping at Lynn Valley. The last time I was at Lynn Valley was last summer, so I thought it is time to go back. Lynn Valley offers many different cliffs to jump from, ranging from 10 feet to all the way 100+ feet. So that location is perfect for cliff jumpers of any levels. I generally don’t like to jump higher than 60 feet, I just feel that it’s not worth the risk to get injured, specially that my number one priority at the moment is my training. I have bruised my tailbone ones jumping from a 60+ feet cliff and landing incorrectly, it took 3 months to heal.


The spot I like the most at Lynn Valley is by the waterfall. The spot is just a beautiful place to be at and the jumps are big enough but not extreme, with a good deep spot to land in. The entrance and exit is a bit tricky to find if you don’t know the area, so at first it’s best to go with someone who knows the area.


Overall, Lynn Valley is an awesome place! It’s one of my favorite spots for Cliff Jumping!


afterjump pic jump2 nature shot suspension bridge waterfall 1 waterfall 2

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