Motorcycle Ride up the 10,000 feet high Crater in Maui


On my trip to Maui back in Apr 2014, out of many other activities I’ve done. I have decided to rent a Harley for the day, the first Harley I have rented was a Harley Sportster. I have really enjoyed the “feel” of that bike and the way it rides. That evening I have decided to ride it on top of the Crater that is 10,000 feet high. Everyone told me that it would be very cold ride, so I have brought a thin jacket with me. On my way up, I have realized that I needed much more cloths then just a jacket, it was super cold! And the wind was very strong that a couple times  the gusts almost blown me off the road. Despite me feeling like an icicle, I have managed to ride all the way to the top, and I gotta say, it was worth it! The view from the ride down was unbelievable! Worth freezing my balls off for that shot, watch the video and enjoy!

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