Goal Setting in our Training and a few Motivational Tips

The past couple of months, ever since I have started training with a partner that’s around my fitness level and as motivated as I am, the training has been very intensive. A few times a week we have been training 3 to 4 hours per session:
– starting out with a 10+ km run or do the grouse grind
– followed by intensive weight training
– finishing with either kickboxing or practicing handstands etc..
We have both noticed results, but after a while we started to notice that our motivation wasn’t as high as we initially had. So we have decided to add goals and deadlines to our training to add back that motivation we had. We have started with a draft list of goals that we could achieve within a few months, every month we will concentrate on 3 to 4 different goals. As soon as we achieve a goal, a new goal will be set. Here’s our list so far:
– 315lbs Bench Press (currently benching 275lbs with difficulty)
– 315lbs Squat (currently 285lbs)
– ≤35mins Grouse Grind
– ≤40mins 10km run
– one handed pull-up
– 15-15 (15 pull ups every minute, for 15 minutes) – (currently we’re doing 12-12 with difficulty)
– 10+ handstand push-up (without help or wall support)
– muscle up (with ease)
– human flag
– planche
– hanging plank
-405lbs deadlift (currently 325lbs)

For this month we will concentrate on the Bench Press, Squat, and running. It will be not easy, and I’m honestly not sure if it will be possible to achieve those 3 goals by the end of the month. But we will do our best to get as far in it as possible.

A few tips that helped me recently:
– Don’t give in to laziness: many times I felt very tired and sleepy, and sometimes sick before my workout, it is very easy to give yourself an excuse to take a rest day. Don’t give in to it! 2 to 3 rest days a week is more than enough. If you haven’t planned to take a rest day, don’t take it just because you don’t feel in the mood to workout. It is very important to stick to the training schedule, because once you give in to the laziness and excuses, it will be much easier to do it again. Keep up with the schedule!
– Give it 100% while training: many times either I or my partner felt not in the mood to train, or felt very tired or exhausted. It is understandable that you won’t have the best results that day, and the last place you’d wanna be that day is at the gym or wherever you’re training. But it is very important to finish your workout no matter what. Even tho your results aren’t the greatest that day, this is the time that you progress the most. Because you’re not only training your body, but you’re also training your mind to endure the hardship of training. The “lows” in training are just temporary, once the “high” comes you will feel much better that you have endured the lows and pushed your way through it!
– Don’t give up if you don’t see results, results are hard to achieve and only come with time and dedication. But they will come!

9 thoughts on “Goal Setting in our Training and a few Motivational Tips

    • It gets pretty intense sometimes, but I find that very satisfying… What do you mean how do I fit it all in? You mean time wise? Or energy wise?…

      • Yeah haha, time is always an issue… I usually train on the weekdays after work (I finish at 4pm so it gives me still enough time to complete my workout). On weekends I leave it for different fun sports and trips.
        How much free time do you have before and after work?
        And for energy wise, just make up a schedule and the type of training you want and stick with it. Might be hard at first but eventually your body gets used to it.

      • I finish work at 6 most days, and 8 on thursdays, but I guess weekends would be the ideal time to get my long sessions in! I’ve been trying to avoid doing empty miles at the moment, because you can cycle 60 miles, but if you aren’t feeling it at the end then it’s not really helping!

      • Yeah your workday timing kinda sucks… In your case what I would of done is workout before work and after, so two workouts a day. It’s actually more beneficial that way!
        And if you feel like you’re just putting empty miles, just put the intensity up and do it in less time.

      • Yeah that’d be good, that’s what I did back in the days.. Bike ride to and from work and stop at every playgrounds along the way to do pull ups… Do this with an Elevation Training Mask and you got yourself an intensive workout lol

  1. Yeah your workday timing kinda sucks… In your case what I would of done is workout before work and after, so two workouts a day. It’s actually more beneficial that way!

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