My experience as a Motorcyclist – Part 2

One month before my motorcycle accident (written in Part 1), I have bought an older street legal dirt bike: Honda XR650. The reason for that  is because I wanted to practice things like drifting and wheelies without wrecking my other brand new bike. This old bike became my “cougar” while the brand new bike was my “baby.” After my “baby” died, “cougar” was all I was left with.

After the accident, I spent the winter without riding. It gave me time to recover. At the beginning of spring of 2012, I was back on my “cougar” again. I made it a habit of riding it every day, rain or shine. There were times when I was riding thru rain/hail storms, I got completely socked from head to toe (even while I was wearing rain gear). It might seem like an unpleasant experience (and sometimes it was), but at those times it didn’t matter, in a peculiar way it was a pleasant feeling. It felt very connecting to nature riding on my motorcycle, being in the mist of lightening and heavy down pouring rain!

I have also made it a habit of practicing wheelies everywhere, and drifting in different locations where I found dirt (constructions sites for example). I took my cougar thru endless places where many times I got stuck in (example: in the ditch, once in what looked like wet concrete that I had to wash off quickly once I got out lol, etc.). Eventually my luck with the wheelies ran out. I was riding home from the dropzone after doing a couple skydives, doing a wheelie down the street, not realizing that an undercover cop was following me. At the red light I decided to jump the curb and ride thru dirt and grass to pass the traffic, and then drove home. Twenty minutes later I got a knock on my door, it was the undercover policemen. I got my cougar taken away for a week and had to pay the fine, but a lesson had to be learned: to be more discrete when doing stupid stuff. But that was just one of my phases, I’m over it now lol.

Then came the winter time, I have decided that it would be a good idea to ride thru the whole winter. It was a hell of an experience! And I would never want to do it again lol… Not only that it was freezing cold, but there were times when there was black ice on the roads. Black ice is the worse! Because once I was on it, there was almost nothing I could do to save the fall. It took me by surprise a few times on the corners, and took me down on a few slides. I wasn’t hurt but it still wasn’t a good feeling. Once I have decided to ride to Tofino in the winter time to go surfing, the trip is 8 hours one way (2 hour ferry). I have done that trip in one day, there and back, with 4 hours of surfing. That trip was definitely not fun, it was more to see if I could do it. I was wearing many layers on my way there and back, but I was still frozen! I had to make many stops to warm up with hot coffee. I don’t think I will ever want to do that one again! Lol

There are many more stories that me and my cougar went thru, and even up to this day she is still with me. Still holding on strong!


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