My experience as a Motorcyclist – Part 1

As of everything else I wanted to learn, riding motorcycles has definitely been on my list! A few years ago, I decided to get my licence. It has added some extra ‘spice’ to my life.

The school I have went to learn to ride is called “Pacific Riding School.” I had an awesome experience there, and I would recommend that school to everyone! I have learned great tactics on how to stay safe riding on the streets, and the idea that it’s not smart to “push the limits” while riding on the streets. Instead, “push the limits” on the track where it’s relatively safe to crash. I remember that I have told myself that I will hold back my urges to speed on the streets, only at the track.

My first motorcycle I have bought was a GSXR 750. I was super excited about it, the very same evening I have left for a ride to Osoyoos. It was a 4 hour ride there, but it was enough to get my body aching and cramping, plus it was a cold ride at night (I wasn’t wearing enough layers). The next day on my way back home, my body was screaming with pain, I though “this is going to be a long and unpleasant ride.” As I was riding down the highway, a Harley pulled up beside me, when I turned my head to look, it was a woman in her mid-30s wearing full leather and a big shining smile on her face. She has signed me to “go ahead,” I have returned that sign to her and gave her way (since I didn’t have any experience riding). She took off on her Harley and of course I followed her! We were flying thru that windy highway all the way to Vancouver. Sparks where flying from her foot pegs on every corner. It was a wild ride! All of my pain went away and instead I felt this crazy rush… After that day, my riding style has changed dramatically. I became an overconfident unexperienced daredevil on a superfast motorcycle. I started riding a few hours each day, always trying to “push my limits.” I’ve met a few riders that I naturally clicked with since they had the same riding style as me. We did some crazy riding together, many unforgettable trips. I felt like I was living my last days, I felt invincible but at the same time careless knowing that any of these days could be my last. Every day I had one or two “close calls” where I almost crashed, and that was the norm.

Eventually every high comes to a low, one night I was on my way back home from a get together. I was taking it easy and wasn’t staying super focused on the road. Suddenly, an SUV turned right into my path, completely blocking my way. I had no time to slow down nor evade the vehicle, I crashed right into its side. The SUV was positioned at roughly 45 degree angle to my impact to it, which made me slide right into its front while it was still in motion. I ended up going underneath the SUV and luckily getting pinned and dragged while it was coming to a stop. I say luckily because the wheel was right behind me and if I wasn’t pinned underneath the engine, I would of have been squished by the heavy SUV. I remember feeling the wheel on my back, and all I was thinking “if it rolls on top of me, I hope it doesn’t hurt.” Eventually the SUV came to a stop, and a few moments later a crowd of people came rushing to me, including a police officer. It felt like I was under that SUV forever, and all I could think of: “I hope I’m not paralyzed, I hope I can still walk.” Eventually I got slowly pulled out, the officer was yelling at me “Stay down! don’t move!.” I thought “Fuck it! I’m getting up!” I got up with pain, saw that I was still all intact. Then I went to sat down waiting for the ambulance to get me.

The worst part was in the hospital, they only had one doctor operational in the ER. I had to wait all night in pain, without them giving me any pain killers until the doctor had a look at me. That night I found a good way that helps cope with pain: Laughter. I was trying to find anything I could find to make a joke out of, and it seemed to work wonders.

Luckily, other than my body being fully bruised up and in pain, I didn’t broke anything. I felt that I was given a second life! I was inspired to try harder and push to get more from life! Because one thing is never certain, is when your time will be up….

Photo on my GXSR750 summer of 2011


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