The Beginning – What lead me to the path of an Adventurer

We all live different lives… some live a dull and boring life, some live a thrilling and exciting life. We are not always born into a lifestyle that we currently live in. There are certain events in our lives that shape us into becoming who we are today. Events that either encourage us into choosing a path of life that we want to live in, or that takes us farther away. In this blog, I’d like to share with you my personal experience and what lead me to becoming an adventurer.


In my teenage years, I have been very closed minded towards everything other than what I was into: martial arts and fitness. I have spent most of my free time in the gym, various martial arts gyms, and running. Everything else seemed irrelevant to me, it didn’t even enter my mind. I will also add, I was very afraid… Afraid of change, afraid of meeting new people, afraid of failure, and on and on and on… This fear has been stoping me from trying new things and enjoying my life.


Around the age of 20, I started to have an insatiable urge for knowledge. Back in highschool, I used to hate anything that had to do with reading, but then I was trying to read as many books as I possibly could. I was a very slow reader to start with due to lack of practice, so it took me nearly 6 months to finish a good size book at first lol. Subjects that really inspired me was philosphy and psychology. I was able to learn more about myself and my weaknesses. One most important thing for me that I have learned, is to face my fears. I have became obsessed with eliminating all of my fears from my life. That idea has inspired me that I could improve and not be afraid anymore! I have done many stupid things to eliminate my fears, which I won’t go much into details but you can personally ask me if you’re curious. In those times I have still been somewhat lost in knowing what I wanted to do with my life and this new philosophy that I was living, untill one night when my friend called me, and invited me to a place that has changed the course of my life!


One night, one of my good friends Mike calls me up and invites me to go to an abondoned mental hospital at night. One of the biggest fears I had from my childhood, was the darkness. The idea of going to an abondoned mental hospitals at night terrified me! But I knew this is something that I had to do, to face my fears. Going to that place was an experience of it’s own, which I will write about in my later posts. After I was out, I have never felt so relieved and empowered. I have realized that night, that I will search for every possible fear that I have and face them!


After that night, I have went to various different abondoned places, I have started doing different extreme sports, and always looking for new ways to face fears. Eventually my philosophy has changed into trying to learn as many skills as I possibly could learn. Which lead me to the lifestyle that I’m living now as an adventurer.


Looking back in retrospect, I have came a long way from where I have started. But I feel that this is just the beginning! I have too many things to still learn, get better at, and experience! Life is full of excitement and surprice! Just gotta step out of your comfort zone and live!

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